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Roger Taylor - Sunny Day (BBC Radio 2 World Premiere)

Check this out Rog’s new album coming out any day now, man i’m stoked, this is his first album since 1998’s Electric Fire. This one’s entitled “Fun On Earth” as refrencing his first 1981 album “Fun In Space” Which is an Excellent listen and I highly recommend. The closest thing I could compare THAT to is Pink Floyd, but undoubtedly Roger!

Ok, so I don’t normally listen to disco, but I found I had this on a 45 record. aaaand yeah. I ended up playing this over and over repeatedly very loud… THIS SONG IS THE SHIT.

I’m not going to sugar coat this: Adults tell you that high school is the best time you’ll ever have because they’ve forgotten what it was like. They just remember the part where they didn’t have to worry about bills, and their hindsight becomes so focused and narrow that it couldn’t see the period at the end of this sentence.

The truth is, for many if not most of us, high school is one of the most difficult times you’ll ever live through. At that age, you’re expected to act like an adult while gaining none of the benefits of adulthood. You are criticized for virtually everything you do by just about every adult in your social and family circle. You’re expected to start holding up responsibilities, but under their rules.